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Puppies in their Homes

Finding the right homes for these special kids was so important.  I feel fortunate to have met these wonderful people who are part of the Renegade Family. 


Red Girl

Beautiful Scarlet is in Michigan with two Irish Setter sisters and two doting bipeds.  She has already started her field training and is demonstrating a solid water retrieve at just under 16 weeks old.

Renegade's Timeless Dreamcatcher (Scarlet)


Gray Boy

Renegade's Golden Hour (Russell)

Renegade's Golden Hour (Russell)

Russell, who is nearly a carbon copy of his paternal great-grandsire, is in California in the Bay area. Has two bipeds to cater to his every whim and gets to be not only a fashionable city pup, going to coffee shops and outdoor restaurants, but also the rough and ready hiking buddy.  At last report he was aceing his puppy class.  He also continues to impress when he's gotten field time; he has a very stylish point for a young pup.  Do I have a picture?  Sadly I do not - I'm always much too into watching the dogs to go for the camera/phone.  

Valiant Hunter Leo Bojandoli

Green Boy

Renegade's Grand Slam (Benny)

Benny is in Southern California with all the friends he could want.  He has two big bipeds, two little bipeds, two cats, and a Jack Russell terrier buddy. 


Yellow Boy

Renegade's Reaching for the Stars (Loki)

Handsome Loki is a pampered prince living the high life in the Hollywood Hills.  He has one biped all to himself, and that is just fine with him.


Black Boy

Renegade's Life of Riley (Riley)

Riley is in Oregon.  He has a IRWS buddy who is actually a relative, a half uncle on his father's side.  


Pink Girl

Renegade's Money in the Jar (Pinkerton)

Little Miss Pink is in Southern California with her own biped, several King Charles Cavilier Spaniels, and a cat or two.

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