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In the Ring

While the field is the first priority for us - and the only priority for the dogs - we recognize how important it is to prove the field kids can get it done in the show ring as well.

Trooper was shown lightly to earn his Grand Champion title, and then was primarily in the field with the exceptions of shows with sporting dog specialties.  After he earned his Master Hunter title, he did hit the show ring again with a professional handler in order to showcase a  dog who is truly fit for purpose. At the 2023 Westminster Kennel Club show Trooper was Select Dog.  He is an invitee for Westminster 2024.

Westminster Kennel Club, Flushings, NY

 May 2023

Select Dog

IRWS Speciality Yuba, CA May 2023
Showsight Magazine (August 2021 - page 426)
Showsight Magazine (May 2023 - page 113)
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