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We are accepting applications for the first litter of Renegade Red & Whites.  (Please see the Contact page to send an inquiry.)

The sire is a true versitile hunting dog and proven in the field.  He is an AKC Senior Hunter with 4 passes toward his AKC Master Hunter title as well as placements in AKC Field Trials including horseback and retrieving stakes.  Although not required for AKC field/hunting titles he has also passed the AKC water test.

All appropriate health test and genetic tests have been done on both parents.  Pups have been Embark tested and are AKC and NAVHDA registered.

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Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) 

For anyone considering a purpose-bred dog, doing your due-dligence is important.  And one easy check you can do to ensure that the health and soundness of the parents has received appropriate consideration is to consult the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.  OFA serves as a clearninghouse for health information.


If you’re new to OFA, here is a brief summary of how things work:

  • Companion animals are screened by a veterinary professional and those results are submitted via application to OFA.

  • OFA assigns a certification code based on the screening results, and issues a certificate to the owner. See Sample Certificates. See an explanation of Certification Numbers.

  • All NORMAL results are automatically stored in the OFA databases, and are therefore available as searchable on this website. The OFA recommends ABNORMAL results be added to the database as well, but owners have a choice as it relates to public access to this information.

A serious breeder will be happy to provide the information necessary for you to see what information has been submitted to OFA for the dogs they are breeding.

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