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Red & Whites in the Field

The Irish Red and White Setter is a striking dog in the field.  He should cover ground in a fluid manner and hunt with a powerful, elegant style.  The pearly white coat with vivid red patches that they are named for makes them easy to spot in most cover and at distance.  They are not as large as Gordon Setters, and of a more athletic build compared to their racy, full Red cousins and while similar in size to the English Setter, they very much have their own style.  They have less coat than the other Setters, and that coat tends to have a different texture, making them easier to groom after hunting.  And they hunt as they do everything else — with boundless joy and enthusiasm.


In the Field


GCHB Mountain Star Mavericks Aces High MH

When you look at a dog’s pedigree it tells you what he might be.  

When you look at a dog in the show ring it tells you what he seems to be.

When you take your dog to the field, he tells you who he really is.


Got a gundog?  Work it!


Renegade pups in the field

The next generation shows great promise of living up to dad.  


Russell (Renegade's Golden Hour JH) is putting in solid work in Northern California, while pretty girl Scarlet, (Renegade's Timeless Dreamcatcher JH NA-II) is getting great field training in Michigan with her devoted biped.

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