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About Renegade

Hi, I'm Lisa and the handsome boy in the picture above is Trooper.  I have been involved with Irish Red and Whites for 6 years, since Trooper came into my life.  That may not seem like long; however, I have apprenticed in the school of hard knocks and believe what I believe about the breed and about field sports through logging the miles and doing the work.  Trooper and I have hunted from the Mojave up to Northeastern Washington, and many points in between.  He is now an AKC Master Hunter, the 5th in US breed history.   


I didn't make the decision to breed Red & Whites lightly, and I'm not interested in simply breeding pretty dogs.  Through my time spent training and competing, I have come to believe that it is imperative to protect our sporting breeds by preserving that which makes them unique - namely each breed’s distinctive hunting style.  

We are serious about the work it takes to protect this breed and prove the hunting cabapilities of these dogs.  We train more than 42 weeks out of the year, the dogs are in the field most weekend except through the hot California summer season.  We are looking for other families who might be interested in an adventure they might not have known was waiting for them.  We invite you to talk with us, and if possible, come out to the field and see lots of outstanding dogs do their thing.         


At Renegade we seek to carry on the work that has been done by others who have loved this breed and who recognize their outstanding field potential.  If you think an Irish Red and White Setter might be a fit for your life, please talk with us.  Red and Whites aren’t for everyone, and if it turns out a Red & White is not quite the right addition to your family, we’d be happy to help you find your match as we train and compete with some of the best pointing dogs on the west coast.


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